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KBK bridge caul to the rescue


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  • KBK bridge caul to the rescue

    In an attempt to post some on topic threads that might have some interest to the group, here is a repair that I did this weekend.    My local music store called to show me a little Fender A/E with the bridge almost completely separated from the top - could I fix it?    A quick look inside told me this was exactly what the KBK bridge caul was created for.


    The KBK bridge clamping caul was a collaboration between three forumits several years ago (sorry, sort of a zombie like thread)


    I made four and sent them around the world, Brother Bob Starr took the plans and made a few more.    Anyway, it was designed for just this sort of problem.   Protecting the top with some tape, I could insert my pallet knife completel under the wings as well as all the way under the belly part of the bridge up to the pin holes.


    I warmed the pallet knife and worked it under the part that was still glued - it didn't take much for the bridge to pop completely off.


    Pretty obvious why it came off - there is barely any glue on the bridge


    But even worse,most of the area under the bridge had not had the finish removed and glue does not adhere well to finish.   A small amount had been removed between the pin holes and top of the bridge - that is where it was sticking to the top


    Iscored around the bridge with a hobby knife, then removed all the finish within the bounds of the masking tape with paint stripper and a chisel


    and sanded the old glue off the bridge


    The KBK caul ready for action.   It serves three purposes - it aligns the bridge on the top using the old pin holes as a reference, it provides some clamping action with the wing nuts, and it also acts as a caul inside the guitar for clamps to work against (and to avoid crushing braces)


    Three deep clamps provide most of the pressure.   Once they are in place I can pull the tape and clean up the glue squeeze out


    The next day I can clean out the pin holes, reinstall the UST (and test it) and do a general setup of this little guitar.    Back to the shop and to its owner - better than new.




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    That is cool.  Much Kudos to people that know ****.  (stuff, with an sh and a t at the end.)

    ------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.youtube.com/user/MrOddmanout1


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      Nice work, Freeman. You make it look easy.

      Freeman's like those Port-O-John guys. He really knows his s..................tuff.