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    I've never owned a classical guitar or any guitar for that matter. I want to learn to play and found this one. All I know is it's a Palmer P40 It looks to be in good condition. Can anyone tell me more about this guitar, like kind of wood , if it's a solid top and what might be a fair price? Any info would help.


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    well, i am 14 and i just started learning at the begining of school this year. i own a palmer p40 as well, and i think it sound great. my mother bought it 1992and it sounded wonderful, now it is mine and it sounded great with the & year old strings it had on it, i replaced them today and Amber (thats what i named the guitar) sings like never before. coincidentally, i was researching my guitar last night and found out tha they no long produce these, but when they did, they were hand made by this palmer dude. they were very popular ad very costly. they are also very collectible. if yu found one for pretty cheap, you would be a fool not to buy it.

    hope this helped!


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