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Plastic trim on guitar taking in case color


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  • Plastic trim on guitar taking in case color

    My Michael Franks has for some reason been taking in the case color on its back plastic binding trim -

    Its a really good case ( a TKL  Geib case- burgundy interior color )

    but for some reason the plastic trim of the guitar -in random places has been showing patches of

    the case color into the trim ( Dark and light variations ). I think it may be the type of finish on the instrument - I have been able to lighten it in a few small places by using "go be gone" and gently rubbing it.

    I dont want to get extreme ( stuff like refinishing is ridiculous ). I know their are different types of finishes used on guitars -but these cases should be bullet proof , in terms of being able to handle that ( not sure )

    Ive though of trying to contact either Mike Franks or the TKL company - but i though first maybe Id try here , for ideas . Their may be an easier solution or something non threating that will solve the problem without going to extremes - maybe a cleaning chemical of some sort .

    Im going to give Jim Holler a call tomorrow and maybe give him a visit sometime in the near future -

    to get his opinion . Its for now just on the back trim - and its only a visial thing ( nothing wrong with the build quality etc- maybe the plastic ? -who knows )

    Anyone ever run into this -maybe heard of a solution .

    My guess is, reguardless -I may have to replace the case -hoping not to -

    Ideas !


    Sorry -not able to post pictures this morning ( have to find or replace the camera )

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    I've never heard of that, Tony.   What I do know is that plastic binding itself is very hard to stain, but it will color over time (it takes on an amber sort of tint).  Also, the binding will be finished over with whatever was used - nitro or french polish or whatever - that would make it very hard to pick up any dye from the case.

    Call TKL - they are very helpful.   You might also try calling Cedar Creek cases - they are or were the custom case division of TKL - they were very helpful in making custom cases for me.   Also please report back - I've bought a dozen TKL or Cedar Creek cases over the years and have never seen this, including maroon and purple.


    • Tony Burns
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      Freeman -

      Ive never heard of it either . TKL who is the biggest case company in North american  , has to

      go out of their way to make sure their linners didnt effect a guitar finish -becasue the repercusion from that could ruin them -


      I had another though last night :  I remember reading in one of my Luthier books that Brazilian rosewood ( which is what this guitar has on its back and sides ) has to be washed a number of times ( think it was with a acetone - not positive ) in order for a finish to bond and for glues to effectively hold - wondering if maybe the wood itself is having a reaction with the finish -the guitar was built in 2011 ( I bought it used last year )
       and im not positive that their wasn't some redness from before -maybe becasue it wasnt that noticable - and probably havent looked at the back edge trim that much to remember differences. Could also be perspiration , the wood and finish ( all three doing that together ).  Odd becasue the case is burgundy , the wood is a bit darker than that - but on the same color pallet .

      It doesnt hurt the guitar , or the way it plays -and I dont really dont want to go back and forth with the builder . possibly becasue not too many builders use Brazilian anymore , and with slight changes in finishes -it may not be a problems that shows up too often - and Im not going to let this bother me too much -its the back trim -- But I look at the guitar as an investment - I appreciate the help - was thinking about rubbing the binding with acetone - but it may melt the binding ( not sure ) I don't want to test it -becasue of the repercussions on a permanent mark - maybe , maybe not -


      Anybody ever use acetone ( nail polish remover ) on edging ?