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  • Millennium Falcon Guitar

    Millennium Falcon Guitar Creator Travis S. Tells Urlesque His Creative Process

    (Follow link above to complete article)

    "It lights up. It plays music. It's an impressive feat of nerdly craftsmanship."

    It doesn't matter if it's broken or not, take it apart and fix it anyway.

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    For some reason, I can't play "Starship Troopers" with it...
    It doesn't matter if it's broken or not, take it apart and fix it anyway.

    The M-80s (www.M-80s.com) - The M-80s on Facebook


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      Heh, nice. Is your name from shadows of the empire, dash's ship....
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        That's just cool.
        Failure is always an option.

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          She's got it where it counts.
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            wow...is she the fastest guit in the galaxy? Very cool...
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              I love that guitar!
              Great Deals

              Originally Posted by jjpistols

              Damn son! Not only are you a master dealer, I also crown you king of the multiquote!

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                That is soooooo full of win.


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                  Nice, but will she make point five past light speed?


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                    That is uber geeky.


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                      I'd be all over that...if I were 12 years old.
                      I am not stupid, I just don't type very well.

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                        That belongs in a Star Wars Museum... kick ass
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                        Originally Posted by Spaced Out Ace

                        I have three Ltd's and can stroke the guitar necks like the male co-star in a porno about to blow his load. I don't find them to be sharp.

                        Originally Posted by ~Abstract~

                        "I'll buy your guitar...but I'm gonna need to take about 5 bucks off for the Lysol I'll need to disinfect it."

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                          Laugh all you want, but that guitar made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.
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                            "Well, you can forget your troubles with those Imperial slugs. I told you I'd outrun 'em.
                            [Nobody is listening]

                            Don't everyone thank me at once."

                            great guitar......on halloween.....get a chewbacca costume and wear the guitar
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