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  • Gretsch bigsby temelo bar

    I recently purchased a gretsch 6122 59 country gentleman. I wondered if anyone on these forums had any experience with the vibrato tailpiece?

    Mine became loose, and this morning I tried to tighten it by turning it clockwise. But it came right off. I could use some help in putting it back on.

    Not really sure how to do this. I have the tremelo arm a paper washer and a metal washer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am thinking of taking the guitar to someone, to have the tremelo put back on and tightened.

    But thought, if it is something I could do myself I would.

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    I think you already gave a try. What about going to a guitar tech?
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      I have a 6122SP I would think the Bigsbys are the same. My arm is held on by a carriage style bolt with washers and a nut on the back hidden inside the spring. I don't see anything in your parts list about a bolt and nut, do you have those?
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        Why not just follow the advice I gave you in your original thread? It's not rocket science.