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Anyone tried a Fender neck on a Xaviere XV870 Strat?


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  • Anyone tried a Fender neck on a Xaviere XV870 Strat?

    I bought a nice body with some pickup upgrades from a Forumite. I had a MightyMite Strat neck and thought it would make a nice player. When I mounted the neck in the body I found the neck pocket way too wide (nearly 3/16" wider than the standard strat heel and too shallow to set up to play. I ran out of upward bridge saddle adjustment because the neck sits too high in the body.

    I am really confused as I thought I had seen these touted as fitting fender necks. It looks like I have to live with the gaps and will have to take a palm sander and knock down the heel of the neck almost an 1/8" to get it to work.

    Anyone else have this same experience?
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    The XV870 strats have a 2 1/4" neck pocket......at least the older ones did. It no longer mentions this fact on the GFS website so they might have changed to std dimensions. At the time the wording made the 2 1/4" pocket sound like a 'feature' to go along with the USA spaced string spacing.


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      the neck is the only thing I LIKE on my xaviere... lol
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        instead of sanding down one side of the heel , just add a small shim to the opposite end of the heel to help raise the angle so that you dont have to max out the bridges anymore ....

        its faster to do than sanding and that way at least you can give it a try and if you like it then you can go back and take the time to meticulously sand it down ....

        shim first, try it , if you like the way the neck plays / feels etc,,,then take it from their ,,,,,..