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new meatier bridge pickup for strat


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  • new meatier bridge pickup for strat

    hey guys

    i want to upgrade the bridge pickup in my fender american standard strat
    to something thicker and beafier sounding not les paul beafy just a little more than the
    standard pickup.
    any ideas on what i should choose.
    i'm thinking either a full size humbucker or a singlecoil sized but i'm open to other options to.
    (and also if i change to a humbucker should i change puts too?)


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    I've always liked AlNiCo II pickups in the bridge of a Strat if you're sticking with single coils. It mellows the highs a good deal.

    See if Bryan at BG-Pups.com can wind you what you want with his usual supply of extra-strength magic.
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      My favorite meaty Strat bridge pickup is the Seymour Duncan SSL-5. It's huge.
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        yeah, the SSL5 is 'the' pickup for fattening up the bridge position.

        I'd also give Bryan's Phatty a look-see. I haven't heard them, but I have a set on order.

        Check it: bg-pups.com He also has the S90 which is a P90-ish pickup in a strat-sized housing.

        For Dimarzio, the HS-3 is pretty fat sounding. Certainly MUCH fuller than a standard vintage type Alnico V strat bridge pickup. And they have the SDS-1 which is a kinda sorta P90-ish thing.

        I've also heard good things about their Virtual Solo. Never tried one as far as I know, but I'd definitely consider one.
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