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Samarium Cobalt Noiseless (SCN) vs N3 noiseless pickups

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  • Samarium Cobalt Noiseless (SCN) vs N3 noiseless pickups

    I broke out my 50th Anniversary American Deluxe strat which I hadn't played for awhile. I am really loving this strat right now, more than when I bought it. I'm not that into the S1 switch but love the SCN pickups. Really quiet and I needed some variety from the vintage pickups that I usually have on my strats.

    I'm wondering if the new N3 Noiseless pickups (which are now in the Am Dlx) were a big improvement? Fender made such a big deal about the SCNs and how they were developed with Bill Lawrence. Was this upgrade really necessary or is it Fender just needing an upgrade so they can market "new upgrades?"

    Your opinions on this greatly appreciated. Thanks.