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  • Fender Telelcaster Deluxe 72

    I live in Aussie and will be passing through LA in about 3 weeks. I am trying to get a Fender Telelcaster Deluxe 72. Where is the best guitar shops in LA? Maybe close to the airport... I really do need to find a place that would have these in Stock.

    Someone pointed out that I could buy online have have it delived to the hotel... What are your thoughts? I have played one and like em...

    Also what is the price these are going for in LA?

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    I paid $615 for mine late last year.
    A '57 Classic, MIJ from USA parts.
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      You could always research stores that are close to where you're staying, then call ahead and make sure they have some in stock when you visit. Pretty sure they're $699 at Guitar Center these days. Or if you're feeling crazy, keep an eye on craigslist and try to pick one up used.
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        I had one for a while, I really loved the neck, fat and it fit my hands perfectly.
        I traded it because I wasn't a fan of the frets, but that's just me.

        Also how long does "pass through" entail?