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    I've been on a total Van Halen/Randy Rhoads kick lately. Been trying to find their guitars at much more reasonable prices than Fender/Jackson cares to sell them.

    Exit 98 Guitars on Ebay have copies of Franken Strats and Rhoads Polka Dot V's for insanely low prices.

    Originally Posted by Loconzly

    Kiss fan since 1976 here. I would take a drunk, bloated, sloppy, electrocuted, half-conscious, delusional Ace Frehley over Tommy Thayer any day of the week.

    Good trades with Mikenothing, Ovid9, King Cad

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    I've seen these on ebay for a while. The Polka Dot V looks insanely tempting, i just can't swing it right now (especially not knowing what the quality would be like)
    Originally posted by fu2jobu"1999 was all about me wanting to find Lou Bega and giving him a few good bitch slaps. "FS/FT - LTD Mirage guitar with EMG pickups. (MIJ)http://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Electric-Guitars/FS-FT-LTD-Mirage-guitar-emg-pickups/m-p/36167161/highlight/false#M290782