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NAD! British Racing Green edition.

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  • NAD! British Racing Green edition.

    Well half of my birthday present to myself arrived today. A British Racing Green Vox AC15! I love this thing! I will probably end up getting the matching AC4 once PayPal gives me my funds from a guitar I sold. I can't believe I've missed out on this for so long. The chimey cleans. The creamy overdrive. Ahhhh. Heaven. Now to wait on my new Gibson I'll probably end up returning...

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    Screw the vox. Is that a REAL Mayqueen?

    Kidding on the amp, of course
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    <a href="http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2974008-Seagull-acoustic-Gibson-electric-and-3-Duncan-pickups" target="_blank">Duncan Pickups</a><br />
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    <a href="http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2959286-BG-Pups-Tele-Rockwind-set" target="_blank">BG Pups Tele Set</a><br />
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    <b><u>Looking For:</u></b><br />
    Vox AC4C1 amp<br />
    Gibson 70s tribute minihum pickup(s)<br />


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      sweet amp!
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        Quote Originally Posted by Meowy
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        Screw the vox. Is that a REAL Mayqueen?

        Very real. And due to an awesome mislabeling of it on ebay, a very cheap one.
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        <b><u>Amps:</u></b> Vox AC4, Vox AC15, Harmony H205, Silvertone 1430, Gibson G10</div>


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          I have dreams of a 1x12 tube combo of some sort one of these days.


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            Happy new Vox day!
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              Nice! Here we go. Some more things you can spend your hard earned cash on so that you can be even more decked out:

              But for now, happy new amp day
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