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Reason to avoid flying with a gutiar!


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  • Reason to avoid flying with a gutiar!


    Or if you do, buy a really sturdy travel case!
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    Originally Posted by GreatDane

    the player plays, but the instrument should inspire.

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    This is why you fly with your Squier and drive with your '65 335.
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      Just flew with a guitar to Europe on Delta...we had to check it the whole way. I have a Gator flight-rated case (not a big square one, though)...and it has survived flights to Thailand and back, and Europe and back. Guitars all arrived in perfect shape. Will not be flying Delta again, though...and this just furthers that decision.
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        I put my guitars in cargo all the time when I fly.  I'm not stupid enough though to assume I can carry it on or let it fly with a sub-standard case.  Never had a problem and have done it say, 30 times.


        Most of my guitars are flown in from the US too, never had a problem, and that's others packing it.