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  • finish scratches

    I was working on my guitar with some steel wool and I guess some residue got on the fish... when I was whipping the body down I noticed there are these micro scratches on the body now... I tried buffing it out with come car wax and still there . Is there any way to get these out of the finish? 

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    Post a picture or explain what make and model, and where did you fuck it up?

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    • yyyames
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      they are light swirl scratches near the neck on a squire tele. If i rub my finger you cannot feel them but in light you can see em. I did some googling and read colgate toothpaste is an old trick and thought it was so funny I tried it but they are still there. I also read this scratchX stuff works anyone ever use it? 


    • Mad Tele
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      car wax is basically a really fine grit sandpaper so if that didnt work you might have to go down in grade to rubbing compound , swirl remover, scratchX, or actually sandpaper like 2000 grit. But id leave it be before you know it you have  a full refinish on yer hands.

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    Something that light, believe it or not, will come out using this stuff.....




    Might not be 100% effective, but at the least it will be an improvement

    Just be prepared to put a helluva lot of elbow grease into it and maybe make several passes...it seems to work more if you apply it, let it set for a minute two and firm up some, then buff


    • Leisure Lee
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      Micro Mesh sanding pads.......8000 and 12000 grit with a drop of water .....Smooth !