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  1. I believe 2014 or 2015 its pretty new.
  2. Yeah thats why I am skeptical on a direct fit of anything.
  3. I've adjusted the pickups enfough to where they sound good but not my cup of tea. I love the guitar though... Im on the fence with Keeping my john lennon casino and returning the guild or selling my casino and adding the SD Phat cats!
  4. Yeah mine is not a Vintage spec over sized pickup. but I don't have much xp with "minihumbuckers" but apparently they are the same size as a standard humbucker design.
  5. I recently purchased a StarFire ST... Not crazy about the pickups... Anybody know what pickups will be a direct replacement in the minihumbucker slot? SD antiquities? Gib 57s? Never played humbuckers... Im looking for a smoother tone close to a P90 the current mini humbuckers are a little hot and give a lot of weird harmonic tones. These are the two I am looking at. http://www.seymourduncan.com/pickup/phat-cat-set http://www.seymourduncan.com/pickup/antiquity-humbucker-set
  6. I dont know some have the same switch...
  7. Roland JC-50 in awesome shape. The chorus switch only engages the chorus or off position at some point it must have been worked on. No issues, noise, original speaker. In awesome shape and sounds great. Dont know what to ask money wise but if you're interested shoot me a PM, you'd deff have to pay to mail this thing.
  8. I have a Microkorg im about ebay 225 gifted and shipped. Open for trades on pedals ( modulation stuff only ) or a strat. I'll post picks if there is any interest.
  9. I have an extra set of MIM telecaster parts I just took out of a tele. Would like 70$ / obo for everything wich includes bridge with pickup, white pickguard with neck pickup control plate with controls 250K pots etc and input. Its everything you need to slap in a project. Needs a little Desoldering to get rid of old grounds but nothing major. Email is the best way to contact me put something about harmoney central in the subject: yyyames@gmail.com
  10. I have a 2010 CAR CP jaguar SS in near mint condition one minor ding rarely played anymore considering selling. Would like 550 shipped. PM me if interested and I will get pics together. Would consider trading for the right tele possibly.
  11. yyyames

    FS Boss TR-2

    I have a boss TR-2 thats hasn't been used much. Need to raise some funds for a DD-20. Thought i'd offer here before ebay. 55 shipped. velcro on bottom was coming off so in my attempt to replace it the label peeled off ! Pm me if interested!
  12. ug dude just when I said I wouldn't buy anything else an Axis fuzz pops up...
  13. I now have my DD-5 going through my amps effects loop no more pops!
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