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Looking for a (versatile) guitar! (Got Ibanez?)


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  • Looking for a (versatile) guitar! (Got Ibanez?)

    Hello, I'm looking for a extremely versatile guitar, that sounds swell in every genre of music.

    My budget is $1300 tops.

    The music I like to play is almost anything, from the harsh tones of Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold and such, to the soft tones of Hotel Cailifornia, Cliffs of dover, etc.

    I've been looking at some Ibanez models because they're pretty affordable and seem to be very versatile and sounds great.

    Been looking at the Ibanez RG1570Z Prestige, Ibanez RG870Z and the Ibanez RG920.


    Which one of those 3 is most versatile and sounds great with almost any tone?

    Feel free to come with different guitar suggestions, opinions, etc. Thanks

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    I won't comment on your Ibanez choices because I'm not a metal player and unfamiliar with those models, other than to say that Ibanez makes some great guitars.

    For $1300, though you have a HUGE range of makes/models from which to choose.


    • billybilly
      billybilly commented
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      Used PRS Custom 24.  Try one, I think you'll like them. They have wide/thin necks which are more akin to the Ibby's.

      A brand new SE custom 24 is $600ish and is a fine guitar too.

    • axegrinder
      axegrinder commented
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      Something with an HSS configuration is pretty versatile.  For $1300 you could afford a wide variety of guitars.  In fact you could afford two guitars that cover more focused range... like a tele and a LP.  For one guitar though maybe an HSS strat.


      Also... do you already have your amp?  That's almost more important that the guitar IMO.

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    There really isn't one "super versatile" guitar out there. Most Guitars are typically made with a specific genre in mind. single coils and alder bodies excel at one sound while mahogany and humbuckers excel at another. That said HSS or HSH is a good configuration for getting a wide range of tones.

    You might be better off getting two used guitars (one for light rock, one for metal) than trying to find a guitar that is "good at everything".


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      Teles are not really my thing, and neither are LPs, I like the strat models, and prefer a HH setup, but don't really care much if it is HSH.

      The sound needs to be clean when playing some soft music, and fatter when playing some Metallica. I'm just looking for 1 awesome guitar, not several

      The perfect guitar for me, i suppose. (for 1300 bucks)


      • xrleroyx
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        USA Charvel. I"ve been really thinking about those, as I play a Stratocaster and a Jazzmaster.

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      Good luck with your search. I haven't come across one instrument that can do it all well. Also, I don't recall many iconic players who only used one guitar. Some are better known for one type e.g. Clapton/Strat, Paige/LP, Larry Carlson/335; but all of them have toured with other types. Joe Bonamassa used no less than 4 different electric guitars when I saw him last.
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      • GilmourD
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        HSS Strat, non-recessed Floyd Rose, series/split/parallel switch on the humbucker. Put a Duncan '59/Custom hybrid in the bridge and DiMarzio Area '61s in the middle and neck.

        That's basically what I'd be building myself right now if I had the cash. LOL