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best/worst: fender best/worst gibson best/worst: PRS etc;


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  • best/worst: fender best/worst gibson best/worst: PRS etc;

    best fender= Telecaster

    worst fender= Superstrat


    best Gibson= SG

    worst Gibson= Firebird X



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    Best Fender: Jaguar
    worst: Custom/maverick

    Best Gibby: SG/LP Special (tie)
    worst: Corvus
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    • Mad Tele
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      Malcolm Ramone wrote:
      Best Fender: Jaguar
      worst: Custom/maverick

      Best Gibby: SG/LP Special (tie)
      worst: Corvus

      wow i had to google corvus, story checks out  :catembarrassed:

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    Best Fender: Robben Ford sig (just a taste) or whatever strat was done really right.

    Worst: Their acoustics SUCK.


    Best Gibson: L-5 CES or whatever LP qualifies as the holy grail.

    Worst: reverse V (how can someone play that thing?)

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    • MephitBlue
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      I forgot about the reverse V.  At least the Corvus looks playable.

    • lz4005
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      Jkater wrote: Worst: reverse V (how can someone play that thing?)


      I played one for about an hour and found it much more comfortable than my regular V.

      Best Fender: P Bass.

      Worst Fender: The Coronado Antigua. Bad sound, bad build quality, bad look, bad idea all around. 


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    Best - Jazzmaster
    Worst - Stratocoustic or whatever that thing is

    Best - ES-339
    Worst - Reverse V for sure
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      Best Fender...The Telecaster. Leo coulda quit with that and still been a legend.

      Worst...Anything painted Antigua. Ugh.

      Best Gibson...tough choice, but I'll go with the Super 400. It's big. It's bad. It rocks.
      In reality, you probably gotta go with Les Paul, though.

      Worst...that's tough, too cuz there have been so many stinkers. But I'll go with the zoot soot sg. My eyes still hurt from seeing that lollipop pile of whale vomit.
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      • dmc69
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        Fender: torn between a well set up strat or tele

        Gibson: LP



        Fender: Acoustics. Blech. And that Maverick is hella ugly too.

        Gibson: Off the top of my head, the zoot suits. After reading this thread, the Corvus.


        Wikipedia tells me the Corvus looks like a crow in flight if you turn it sideways. How? I see ugly blob still.

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      Best Fender: Eric Johnson Stratocaster

      Worst Fender: Maverick


      Best Gibson: Flying V

      Worst Gibson: Firebird X

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      • mschafft
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        Best : most of their stuff if played right (and correctly set up)

        Worst : anything with horrible tuners and bad set up


        This thread is mostly about best/worst-LOOKING, which is off-topic IMHO.