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Bridge Pickup in the middle position???


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  • Bridge Pickup in the middle position???

    So I am rebuilding an AXL Badwater SRO that I've had for a few years, including new neck from Warmoth, all new hardware and new Pups and Pots.... why do all that to a $200 axe?  Because I really like the unique ditressed look of the body, and I am upgraing the Pups in my ESP, so those are moving over to the AXL...

    The pups coming over from the ESP are the full sized Duncan 59' (neck) and JB (bridge).  I have pretty much decided on throwing a Duckbucker in the middle position and I will be coil-splitting all three of them on the new Push/Pull Pots...

    Getting to the point...  I was about to click the "Buy" button on Amazon for the Duckbucker when I saw that the model number was SDBR-1B (B for Bridge), and not the "N" model for neck/mid...  Then I thought... "Well, why the hell not!!??"

    Does anybody have any experience with this setup?  (not necessarily the duckbucker, but any bridge pup in the mid position)  What were your results?  Love it?  Hate it?

    ESP LTD MH-350FR (EMG 81/85) - PRS SE Custom 24 (GFS OW Liverpool / SD JB) - AXL Badwater SRO (G&B Vintage / SD Buckbucker / G&B HFS) - Mitchell MD-100SCE - Guitar Rig 5 Pro

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    As a general rule bridge pup has highest output and neck has lowest. But that isn't always the case.

    this one has a GFS lil killer 'middle' pup @ bridge with a pair of Duncan Designed sc's. The balance is spot on and that's what matters. If you don't like it, try a mid or neck and see what happens


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      "As a general rule bridge pup has highest output and neck has lowest. But that isn't always the case."

      Yup, I know that part... And I know that the sound at the mid position is still going to be a "middle" sound... it won't sound like a bridge position just because of the "bridge-model" Pup...  I was more curious about the over effect of the sound... 

      I mean, can I take the demo sound clip for the duck-bucker neck/mid model and just assume a higher output?  Or take the clip for the bridge model and assume more lows and less highs??  I also realize the demo is not necessarily what it will sound like in my guitar...

      And, simply trying this one and switching to another if I don't like it, is not really not much of an option... I don't have a lot of excess income to spend on my guitars.