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  1. I have a 2x8 Amp that has the branding "Matrix MA100SC"... A few other people have questioned this amp on other forums, but have gotten no answers. People speculate that it might be a predecessor to the Hughes & Kettner Matrix series... I've sent an inquiry to them, but I doubt they would give me any information other than "buy our new one"... In any case, I am looking to replace the speakers because one of them is blown and I need to know the wattage. I would "assume" that it's a 100 watt amp... but there is no guarantee. The speakers are labeled with the brand "Star", with model numbers FR-2005-09, 8ohm. The Amp is made in Korea, and specifies 8ohm minimum on the external cabinet connections in the back. I'm leaning toward the Jensen C8R, or the Peavey Marvell, but I can only find them in 4ohm and/or low wattage (25w-30w). So I'd really like to know if there is a way to definitively determine the wattage rating for the Amp?? There are limited options for 8ohm and high wattage ratings that are affordable, so that would certainly make it easier. Not looking to put a whole lot of money into this.. it sounds decent, but it's certainly not worth more than about $50-$60 for new speakers. Can this be done by someway of identifying some of the internal board components or the transformer?
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