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Best strings for my Telecaster

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  • Best strings for my Telecaster

    I have a couple Tele's and have been using DR Strings, Tite-Fit LT-9 Lite-n-Tite Nickel Plated, which are good for me but I recently purchased a Tele with a 3-barrel string-thru-body bridge. Intonation is ok but I was wondering if there might be a brand of strings that might be better.  Thanks in advance for the feedback.


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    It really depends what you want - tone-, feel- and lifespan-wise.  What are you looking for?  Brighter tone?  Smoother tone?  Longer life?  Slinkier feel?

    Personally, I use Elixer Nanowebs on all my electrics, although they're not great for slide.  I did put a set of Cobalts on my Les Paul a month ago and I liked them a lot, too.  Not enough to swtich, but they were cool and worth of the hype, imho.   I never really prefered specific brands for specific guitars, though I could see some folks doing that.


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      there's no such thing as "best strings for a type of guitar". if you like DRs, play DR. if you want to try another brand, try another brand. it's all subjective. 

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    If the strings are okay for you why change?

    What is it you are looking for? Brighter ? More Vintage? More twang? Smoother?

    Everyone has a favorite that helps them achive "their sound" .

    What is your sound / style of musc ?


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      if youre looking for improved intonation try 10-52s (light top/bottom heavy) a lot of tele people use this, IIRC Waylon and Don Rich.  I dont like them because I feel you lose some twang on the lower  strings. I use 9-42 EB 


      if that doesnt help get some intonated saddles. I like CJ Tooling as they are only $25 and dont look all goofy.