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2008 Les Paul Standard - Used Price?


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  • 2008 Les Paul Standard - Used Price?

    Looking at buying a 2008 Les Paul Standard off a friend of a friend.  

    Guitar is cherry-burst flame top.  No mods.  Absolute mint condition (guy won't pick up his guitars before washing his hands) and set-up nicely.  

    He's asking $2,000 firm, which is more than I originally wanted to spend.  Still considering it, just don't know if this price is fair or not.  As far as I can tell from ebay, it seems like it's in the ballpark.  

    Any input?  Thanks in advance.  

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      Browsing used guitar center, the standards are all over the map. I saw some for $1,300. If you plate the les Paul in question and it blew you away, it's worth whatever you're willing to pay. I personally wouldn't spend that much, regardless of the OCD.
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        Don't they cost that much brand new?

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      If the guitar is in such good condition, like new (frets?), the price is OK while being no steal. Might even consider that the guitar has past the test of the few first years when a defective neck would warp. It's likely to stay as it is and with no surprises. Seller is lucky to get his money back but is screwing no one.

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      • hardtdc
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        Offer him 17-18 hundred. Unless your money is burning a hole in your pocket, you shouldn't have to fork out two grand.