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Applause electric guitar ?


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  • Applause electric guitar ?

    Any body know anything about Applause electric guitars ? The one Iam looking at looks exactly like the Kaman GTX strat style ,...... crackle finish, floyd rose bridge......The only difference is it just has Applause on the headstock and neck plate where the serial number is 534217

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    Ok Leisure, it IS the same thing. Just as Applause is Ovation's "import" like in acoustics, it was the same as in electrics. Most are Korean made, more than likely by either Cort or Sammick, probably plywood, (Or from the asian "laminate" tree.) and in general, not bad playing guitars. 

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      Your asking about the applause strat bodied guitars. I have the black and red crackle factory paint. Ser#533207. They were made by Kamon Music out of Korea. Nice Floyd Rose look alike(KMD) w/locking nut. Hot humbuker at the bridge and two switchable single coils. I bought mine in "89" new and it is still new. I've only seen a few used ones out there but I love this guitar my other is a Kramer 200st slightly modified. The applause has awesome tone but a fat neck which is cool for me. You can get alot of harmonics but the volume and tone controls are touchy no in between on settings. Hope that helps.