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Somewhere in Time, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

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  • Somewhere in Time, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

    The "Painkiller" thread reminded me of a moment some time ago:

    Some guy at work started playing Iron Maiden's Somewhere In Time, from his iPlod. It just so happens to be the very first Maiden album I ever got ahold of, probably 1988 or so. I thought it was pretty cool (and it's a great album) but for me it's really just a springboard into some of their other stuff that I absolutely love with all of my very being, including my guitar hands.

    Anyways... I know it's a total 80sism, but ever notice how uh, 'synthetic' the guitar tones are on that album? The over the top gain, the chorus, the flange, the gating, all the stuff that probably came from a rack of Alesis the size of the Twin Towers... The chords just dissolve into a low-res mist like a meatloaf fart in the shower with the lights off. The twin leads are slimy, but well defined, but man, all the rhythm work.... sheesh...

    Add this in with how overproduced the whole album is, and my first impression of Iron Maiden was as if they were a 'hard new wave band' in the 1980s. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son sort of followed up in the same path, but what took me many years to determine, is that these two albums (Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son) are probably Maiden's #1 and #2 hardest albums, but you just can't hear the dynamic of it through all the churning slurm.

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    As a hard core maiden fan from back in the day.....my first ever concert was the Powerslave tour.  I also saw both of the tours for the albums you mentioned.

    Somewhere in Time was definetly the band indulging Adrian Smith.  He was right into using roland guitar synth's and the mellower sound.  He would leave the band after Seventh Son for his solo project which was VERY mellow compared to maiden. 


    Wasn't too bad of an album....if a little cheesy.


    I thought with Seventh Son they got back a little bit to a heavier less "guitar synth" sound but yeah it was pretty heavily produced so it still sounded "slick" compared to the old stuff like powerslave, piece of mind etc...

    For sure I think after powerslave was the beginning of their decline that would reach a low point with No Prayer and Fear of the Dark...(my opinion of course). 

    But that decline was a slow one...Somewhere and Seventh Son are both really great albums.  The song writing was still very strong. 

    As for them being the "hardest" albums.....lol....not even close.   The first two are still to this day the heaviest stuff maiden ever did. 


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      i like 7th son much better 

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    Number of the Beast > All other Maiden Records combined.
    Piece of mind + Killers- Number of The Beast> Greater than all other Maiden records combined.

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