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After the Inventory reduction "family photos"

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  • After the Inventory reduction "family photos"

    I sold off a bit of my gear and consolidated to these. The J45 was a recent purchase after selling my Taylor acoustic, a les Paul standard, and a Les Paul 70s tribute. I took the Telecaster Special on trade. Love it.


     j-45 Standard




     Transparent Red Gibson Les Paul 




     My beloved 58 Les Paul reissue


    The new Telecaster

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    That's a good looking family, Joe.


    • larry50
      larry50 commented
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      Great looking family needs better photographic skills. 

      Love the natural J-45 though.

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    Sweet, especially that 58 reissue.
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    • mschafft
      mschafft commented
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      Waoo that  Transparent Red Gibson Les Paul looks like a million bucks !!!

      Not that the others are any bit less interesting instruments..

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    God, that '58 is sweet, maybe one day I'll be able to add a real gibby to my fam.
    '52 Telecaster Reissue -> Big Muff -> Kalamazoo -> Blues Driver -> Micro Vibe -> Memory Man with Hazarai -> DL4 -> Pitchblack Tuner -> Fender Super Six