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12 string advice: Danelectro or Dean


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  • 12 string advice: Danelectro or Dean

    I have played Guild acoustic guitars since the early 70's, but I want a 12 string elelctric.  I don't have the money or the desire for a Rick cuz the nut room is so crowded, and I am used to an acoustic.  I am leaning toward a Danelectro 12 or a Dean Boca 12. 

    If anyone has any first or second hand info about these two guitars, please give me some advice.  I appreciate any help anyone can give.

    I am open to other suggestions, but don't to spend a decent down payment for a car for an electric 12 string.


    Thanks again, and I appreciate any help.

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    Look at this guitar:


    Playing it 6 month. Action is featherlight and sound is closer to acoustic then any semihollow . Discontinued model, not easy to find one.


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      The Dean and the Dano are both good guitars for the money.
      Depends what you want to sound like. Lipsticks and humbuckers are very different animals.


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        lz4005 wrote:

        The Dean and the Dano are both good guitars for the money.
        Depends what you want to sound like. Lipsticks and humbuckers are very different animals.

        How about lipstick humbuckers



        I've been gigging this one regularly for the past 4+ years.  I added a coil split (on a seperate 3-way switch) along with the new pickups (GFS) and can get a pretty wide range of tones out of it.  My only real gripe is that it's rather neck heavy; even after installing a strap button on the top horn and using a leather strap, I still fight it.

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      I've played the Dean Boca at shops, and it's pretty good.  I actually prefer the Jay Turser Hawk 12.  It does the jingle jangle quite well, and it has some nice switching options.  They should be all over eBay for pretty low prices.

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        I attempted to try the Dean Boca once....picked up and was just too lazy to tune the thing and put it back down :manlol:

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      Something else you might want to consider is a Burns Double Six. I've got one and like it quite a bit....


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        I had a Boca for awhile.... sort of wish I hadn't sold it.  Very well built, nice neck, sounded OK, and fit a Les Paul case.  On the down side, it was quite neck heavy, and the bridge humbucker was a pretty hot wind, and I found it rather useless.  

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          hands down....get the dano.