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My latest tune - In the groove...

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  • My latest tune - In the groove...

    It's just the demo, but I'm excited about this project so I figured I'd share it as is... it still needs some lead guitar and a mix down of the different tracks.


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    Nice job, BHH.

    Either I've had my head further up my ass than usual or I really haven't seen you around much lately. Either way, good to see ya!
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    • BlackHatHunter
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      Thanks bud, and no, I haven't been around much. This place is special to me, but I can't stand most of the negativity that permeates it, so I end up taking large chunks of time away

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    Hey BHH! Great seeing you here contributing. I'll listen to this later tonight. Its a different vibe here lately. Stick around - you might like it better than what you may have experienced in the past.
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    • BlackHatHunter
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      Great Dane, wouldn't that be nice if it were a different vibe?
      I guess I'll take your word for it and give it another go!

      And Jkater: yes I need to work on the mix. This is just a demo I put together to see if the dang song actually works!