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My Amp Wants/Needs Have Changed...A LOT....


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  • My Amp Wants/Needs Have Changed...A LOT....

    I was thinking about how many amps I've been through since I've been playing guitar.  When I moved to Austin a couple of years ago, I had nothing but tube amps...loved them, but ended up not using them in the live settings that I play in.  So, I sold them all.  Then, I sold my Mustang II, and bought this...


    I gotta say, it's my favorite practice amp that I've ever owned.  Bought it used, and I play probably 75\% of the time through this thing.  Clean channel is amazing, and I LOVE the distortion channels.  Effects are all I need, and it is LOUD!


    For live stuff, this is all I use...



    In fact, the speaker stays at home, and the HD500 covers everything.  Sure, I miss having my cool looking tube amps, but wow...I can cover a LOT of ground with this small, light setup...

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    You use an Epson live? Wow!


    Just kidding.. 

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    • Dougy
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      Guit-mangler wrote:

      You use an Epson live? Wow!



      Don't be ridiculous, the Epson is obviously  part of his pro-recording setup.




    • steve_man
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      Guit-mangler wrote:

      You use an Epson live? Wow!


      Just kidding.. 

      Lol...yeah, kinda like EVH did with the power drill...


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    I went the other way around. I started with multi-fx units. I gigged a Digitech RP-7 Valve into a pair of solid state Fenders, and then I did the same thing with a POD 2.0 and a four-button footswitch. I eventually moved to single stomps into tubes (Vox).

    But the important thing is that you like what you're running!
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    • hardtdc
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      I don't fire up the tube amps very often any more, and I have several. Mostly, I just use GR5 or run my pedal board through a tube pre into my mixer and into the computer. I do just about everything with headphones now.

    • warriorpoet
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      Me too, though I can still appreciate the digital stuff, it's just too much for what I do.

      Plus, I've been known to make a few stompboxes here or there, and the ones I don't sell get lonely

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    I record all the time with a pair of silver face vibro champs. I agree that everything sounds great through them.

    My amp needs haven't changed that much in 20 years, to be honest. I get off on a simple tube circuit and will use either a head/cab or combo amp depending on the situation.
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    • ugameus
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      GreatDane wrote:    I get off on a simple tube circuit ...



      I have four amps and a few pedals.  Most of the time I am playing my main electric straight into a Goodsell Super 17.  My baritone I play straight into a Traynor Bassmaster.  Both simple amps with great cleans.  I play mostly clean anymore so both of these work great for me.  I do have a Straub Cantus lurking in the corner for when I want to bring the nasty.  Honestly though, I rarely play it.

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