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Replacing 6000-s/Takeuchi trem with Schaller

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  • Replacing 6000-s/Takeuchi trem with Schaller


    I have a Washburn KC-40v, nice guitar, but the tremolo is a pain. It doesn't always stay in tune likely due to aged and worn hardware (maybe worn knife-edges but I haven't checked), and the replacement 6mm arm i bought for it still rattles in its hole... looks like it's already threaded. It'a locking liscenced Floyd Rose, a Wasburn 600-s, says takeuchi on the sustain block.

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but i have read here and elsewhere that a Schaller tremolo matches the stud spacing, so should be a direct fit. I am about to order a new chrome one on ebay. Anyone else think this is a good idea?

    Also, I am about to order one of these large brass block replacements for the sustain block, they come in sizes 32, 37 and 42mm... Th takeuchi sustain block on the guityar already is 42mm tall i think, is it wise to get the 42 replacement as well, or go for soemthing smaller? I know this sounds liek a silly question, but i don't want to be left with soemthing I can't use!


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    i realise these a typo in the title of this topic too! Also, can a sustain block made for a floyd fit on a Schaller, i think it may but would just liek to be sure

    If you require pictures or links, tell me so and I post them. well, her are the links anyway

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Schaller-Floyd-Rose-Locking-Tremolo-CHROME-/390354396441?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item5ae2ef 6519

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SCHALLER-ORIGINAL-FLOYD-ROSE-TREMOLO-BRIDGE-BRASS-GUITAR-BLOCK-UPGRADE-32-37-42-/190810318600?pt=Guitar_Accessories&hash=item2c6d2e 6708


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      I think all licensed Floyds have the same stud spacing, so the Schaller should drop right in. And i would go with the 42mm block.


      • The Mackers
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        humbuckerstrat, thanks a lot! The reason why i wasn't sure was because I've read that occasionally you can find some bastardized version, like a yamaha locking trem or soemthing, that has completely different stud spacings, especially before an industry standard so to speak came in around the late 80s... my guitar is 1990, so I guess it wouldn't matter. Those bastardized versions wouldnt be officially liscneced either id imagine

      • GilmourD
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        humbuckerstrat wrote:

        I think all licensed Floyds have the same stud spacing, so the Schaller should drop right in. And i would go with the 42mm block.

        Yes, as far as stud spacing, they're all the same.


        Now... Bridge plate shape is a whole other story and that may affect you if the guitar was designed with a floating route where the bridge is set below the top of the body.


        Can you post a picture of the guitar in question, particularly a closeup shot of the bridge area?

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      If it is one of those there's a chance that the back corners of a Schaller Floyd or an OFR may rest on the top of the body so you wouldn't b able to pull up on the bar. That would be great for me but a lot of people do like to pull up.
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      • The Mackers
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        Sorry been busy these past few days, thanks for the responses, this is great help and sets my mind at ease. I had read about these schallers having a larger baseplate, but to be honest I actually don't mind pulling up on the bar, so will it be fine if i just want to push down, ala Eddie Van? The Schaller I've being looking at come with the posts, they should be fine to replace the pivot posts on my guitar already?