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OT: Let's talk about a new(er) car for me

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  • OT: Let's talk about a new(er) car for me

    Hey guys,

    I was hoping to get some advice/ideas. I am currently driving a 2007 subaru forester. I like the idea of selling high so i have decided to sell/trade in my car and get something newer so that i don't have to worry about any major repairs anytime soon.

    I do like the safety/reliability of my subaru. Also the fact that it is amazing in the snow.

    I test drove a subaru crosstrek and was pretty un-impressed. I will most likely end up going with a 2012-2013 forester but another part of me wants something more fun/sporty. Test drove a challenger and while it was fun the sight lines were horrible and it would probably kill me insurance wise.

    I do live in the northeast so i would like something that's good in bad weather but at the same time another side of me just wants something super fun to drive. Is there something in the middle? I figure with the cash i get for my car via private sale i can probably afford about 21-22k TOPS. I have no issue buying slightly used. 

    Name me some cars/models that i should look into. I have thought of Audi and Saab a bit... but with these i would need to get something with 40-50k miles. Which for me is a bit risky. Ideally i'd like something with low miles on it. 10-20k

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    If I was to buy a new(er) car today, it would be the Honda Crosstour. I also live in the northeast, and I drive an Outback. Practical and safe now that I have kids, but I miss the sportiness of the Accord V6 Coupe that I used to drive. This is kinda the best of both worlds, IMO.


    Exterior Photo of 2013 Honda Crosstour


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      Chimi, Chimi, Chimi... You are going to buy a new vehicle but won't spend more than $350 on a used axe?  C'mon dude, get your priorities straight!  :smiley-bounce022: