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  • About newer Epiphone guitars (MIC)

    Epiphone was nice enough to the general guitar buying public worldwide to actually build a new manufacturing plant there, to make only Epiphone guitars. I really enjoy the Epiphone guitars I've recently had the pleasure to own and play. Thanks Epiphone. I, for one, am happy that you did that.

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    Honestly I've been impressed with nearly every MIC guitar I've played, regardless of the maker.
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      China is putting out some amazing acoustics too, if you are into that.  Eastman, Recording King, Blueridge, to name a few...

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    I also think that Ibanez is more consistent, and generally more bang-for-your-buck. I never thought about it being related to roots, but it makes sense. Even though I like Epiphone and have Epiphones, I think that the Ibanez Artcores are better all-around, and Epi makes some sweet semis.
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      I have not had good luck with the last two MIC Epi LPs I've bought.

      One had to have warranty repair since it was frettng out.  Sweetwater (who I normally think does great work) shipped that one to me with the action jacked up pretty high.  When I tried to dial it in, it had fret buzz.  Problem was a poor cut (too low) Plek cut nut.

      The second one, and Epi Ultra III had electronic issues right out of the box.

      That's been enough to scare me away.    But my Fender Marauder (MIC) has turned out well.

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