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max/msp spectral delay

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  • max/msp spectral delay

    i built a spectral delay thing in max/msp (and gen). and i'm posting it here for you, now, today.

    using FFT, this thing randomly divides up the frequency spectrum into chunks and then it delays
    each chunk randomly between 0 to 6 seconds (or any range within that, e.g. between 2-4 sec, 1-1.5 sec, etc etc).

    you can add feedback, and also you can skew the division towards larger or smaller chunks.

    here's a clip.

    i know no one here uses max/msp, but if you do, i'll gladly send you the patch.

    edit: also any crackles you hear are coming from my mbox, not the patch. i need to get a new interface.
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    i'd like to hear it in a song.


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      Yes, this is causing nonlocal homogeneity as I type, thx. again, PKTrono...
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        as ever, riff!

        honk, you ask too much. you know i don't write songs.
        maybe in a few days, i just built the damn thing.


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          Idk dude, the intermodulation happing in this one "rabbits are not only agile, quick-witted, and resourceful, but also quite adorable (all huffs aside)" sound/feels a lot like the muse is involved...
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          changes come w/ the whether...


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            Sick stuff, dude!! Will this work with M4L? If so, I'll use this on some stuff for sure!!


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              absolutely! i'll cook up a M4L version tomorrow.

              riff, the intention is always underlying, but some artifacts are more readily apparent than others!


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                here you go


                make sure to put the spect-delay.maxpat in a folder where max can find it. anywhere inside max/patches/ will work!
                let me know if you have any questions/issues!