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Snazzy FX Mini-Ark?

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  • Snazzy FX Mini-Ark?

    So I ended up finding a Mini-Ark at a good price and couldn't pass it up. To be brief, its a totally crazy pedal and has a way different sound than any of the more tamed, conventional synth pedals like those from pigtronix, ehx, redwitch, etc.

    Recently, I've been having some problems honing in the right input sensitivity to get the tracking dead on for a guitar signal. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas about how to get the best tracking out of a synth pedal? Does anyone own one of these wacky devices that could offer some tips???

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    A lot of it is about the player's touch. I'm not familiar with that particular pedal, but a lot of guitar synth is about getting the sensitivity into the right range, and even more of it is about the player's consistency and touch after they have it dialed in.

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