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    Off topic: Zhivago, you have the best signature quote ever.
    joe_lechuza: lacking neither boutique or revered pedals since 1986.

    Originally posted by RoboPimp
    PM my ballsack, it says you missed a spot last night ...


    we could do with some more posing.


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      Originally posted by joe_lechuza
      Off topic: Zhivago, you have the best signature quote ever.

      thanks man

      it's from At The Drive-In's album
      "Stella Marie you're my star..."


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        I bought a PN-2 as my first effect in 1996 for 20 dollars.

        Even then I thought that it was kinda lame, and it sounded like a toy compared to the tremelo on my twin.

        did cool helicopter things tho.


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          I have one that I've had since Musician's Friend blew them out for $30 when they were discontinued. Can't remember the last time I hooked it up...it "ticks" in rhythm, even when it's bypassed, from what I remember. Sounded cool sometimes, I think it may be a little dirty or something. Maybe I should sell it....I don't really think much of it, honestly...cool for what it is, but I'd take 200 for it without even thinking.

          Pigpen said it was OK!

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          Boy, you should REALLY go back and slap you're teachers!


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            Originally posted by johnnywinston
            telepaul, did you like the pleasure trem? or was the pn2 just alot better? what do you do about the volume drop though?

            There is no volume drop that I can tell. The Pleasure Trem was the best of the boutique bunch I tried. (I tried a Fulltone in addition to the ones I listed.) I've kept it. Definitly warmer and more organic; never gets that "ticking" sound. The PN-2 just sticks out/cuts through in the mix for whatever reason. Really cool feature on the Pleasure Trem is the knob that allows you to pan between a square wave choppy sound and the softer triangle waved sound. Rather then switching between one or the other you can get degrees within the wave. Its also very versatile and can definitly get the helicopter chop/mechanical sound if you want it. Aside from the panning feature-on a sonic level it has more versatility then the PN-2. The tremodillo, Throb and Supa Trem all have either a half speed function or two speeds you can choose between. I though that feature would be really helpful; it turned out to be pretty useless in the real world.
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              It looks intriguing enough (and has a few different waveform modes) ... but $200 a pop ... ... it would seem more cost-effective to hold out for the Guyatone ubertrem that should be released in June ... the Chop Shop.

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                ... and here's a pic of the Chop Shop ... (thanks BMoreTele):
                ERG and multifx fanatic.


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                  The PN-2 and DC-2 sound great together. Mind - Hands - Guitar - DC-2 - PN-2 - Amp x 2 - Speakers x 2 - Ears x 2 ;^)
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                    Of course, the most important feature of the PN-2 is that it has stereo inputs and outputs, a feature that us stereo freaks really love. The two down sides to the PN-2 are

                    1) There is no effect level control, which would be handy because when you're panning between two amps, so that when you're hard panned, you're only hearing the power of one amp. An effect level control would be helpful to boost the signal so that it doesn't die from the power of two amps to the power of one amp when you switch it on.

                    2) It could really use a mix between wave forms. I thought about buying the Line 6 version, but all the reviews on it are so bad that I'm really shying away from it. Besides, I've been trying to ween myself off Boss pedals for so long, and the same applies to Line6. But there's no way I'm going to get rid of my Line6 Delay Modeler or my Boss PN-2.

                    By the way, I bought mine for $120 on Ebay some 5 years ago. I've noticed that the prices on PN-2s fluctuates, and it definitely dropped dramatically when the Line6 version came out.

                    Finally, if you're an analog effects person, then do us a favor and offer stereo inputs and outputs. Analog stereo choruss, phasers, flangers, and delays are cool, but some of us don't want to choose which stereo effect to use.
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                      great pedal ! I bought mine from a bass player ... 20$


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                        I was thinking of selling mine and getting a gig-fx chopper.
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