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iPad/Kindle guys - best free books and magazines?

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  • iPad/Kindle guys - best free books and magazines?

    So everyone pitched in and got me an iPad mini for Christmas. We've done apps threads a million times so what are the best free books and magazines in the iTunes/kindle stores? Obviously I've found a lot of the classics for free on iTunes like Dracula and A Tale of Two Cities. What else is out there? I'd be interested to see if there were any free guitar/gear magazines as opposed to paying for subscriptions to stuff like premier guitar.
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    Intelligent life, a magazine put out by the economist is pretty good

    Edit... Not gear related!
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      I don't think I've ever run across a free mag regarding gear. There are very few free mags I have found where you get more than one or two issues at no cost.
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        If you can get a pdf reader app of some kind that can do more formats, with enough searching you can find sites that will provide most any books that come out for free...

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