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  1. I came for my quarterly check in on the place. I miss lurking here constantly. Hi Phil
  2. Deluxe Memory Man (EHX) is THE classic analog delay I would also recommend very very much the Skreddy echo, which 'feels' like a more tape-like delay, plus it has an effect loop to put other pedals into, and it has the built in chorus-y / vibrato thing like the memory man Both pricey, but you asked for the best analog ... Non-analog, get an m9 and have three high quality delays available at all times. thats where im at now. plus it does a lot more
  3. anything by Skreddy or Earthquaker Devices is what you want. Also EHX has REALLY improved their lineup
  4. hey hey hey JBrazz !!! -- oh wait this is a 2 year old thread......
  5. Originally Posted by rhcp-legends i have a vintage reissue big box rat without the lm308n is it worth it putting one in?? i thought all the big box reissues had those??
  6. can anyone offer any conjecture as to the validity of the coolness of said truck stop / rest stop reflectors vs the coolness of said reflectors if he had instead stopped at a Jockos or Napa instead....??
  7. if you dont post right away as a new member, you get revoked. :mysterysolved:
  8. bump for a heck of a guy -- i had to find this thread to post to a TGP'er this morning
  9. i remember how much i hated this thread. so much ego going on with some of youz back then. I remember I got flamed by like 6 of you in another thread when I dissed this thread.
  10. I really, really hope EHX has some kind of deluxe, hazarai freeze/gliss pedal planned. I would buy the crap out of it. Or a HOG2, same deal. um, if the rig in your avatar is yours, i demand you post more photos of it.
  11. I am the re-animator. Yes I realize this thread is long dead, but I just picked up a sunburst HH and want to get one of those tort guards for it. Where did you find that? Thanks, ebay or warmoth.com old angry, hate filled thread is angry and hate filled. wish you hadnt bumped it guys.
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