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it seems that hcfx peeps can't deal with computers

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  • it seems that hcfx peeps can't deal with computers

    I understand that **bleep** is different, but is it that big of a deal?


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    avartars are also smaller :-(

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    • lefort_1
      lefort_1 commented
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      Go over to the Feedback forum.

      While Lithium is not providing a buglist, the number of broken 'features' is astounding. This is not a matter of a bunch of crying forumites, missing their old GUI.

      This is very buggy software.

    • dkerwood
      dkerwood commented
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      King Rat wrote:

      avartars are also smaller :-(

      A lot of layout issues can be solved with the CSS plugin for Chrome.  It's really, really easy- just activate the CSS editor, click on the avatar, and assign a new value.  For some reason the software is shrinking the avatar.  I find that resetting the pictures to 100% of their original value fixes the problem.

      Stop by the main thread about the plugin for more info.

    • Neilrocks25
      Neilrocks25 commented
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      You could always come here

      (Deleted by Phil. You can put something in your sig, but please don't use this board to spam for another site. Thanks.)

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    I was thinking it was change they couldn't deal with. lol

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      sux dix
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      • Strat87
        Strat87 commented
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        Things have already gotten much better, I'm hopeful it'll all get sorted out soon

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      martha_KH wrote:

      I understand that **bleep** is different, but is it that big of a deal?

      I can't even defecate without getting feces all over everything.


      • MuffFuzz
        MuffFuzz commented
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        I just found out about the facelift a few days ago. Not sure why they had to change it, but I'm not going to start pulling my hair out over it.