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re-wire Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive ques

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  • re-wire Danelectro Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive ques

    Anyone know how to rewire the Dano TOD (ver 1)? The PCB that the switch uses is fried. I would like to just wire from the switches lugs to the main PCB. I keep finding info on how to re-house the whole guts, but that seems like a lot of extra work. Here is a good shot of the switch PCB:

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    well, if you look at the board itself, there's a path from each lead to the lug on the switch that it goes to. What I'd do is either remove those leads from the board and reconnect them to the corresponding parts of the switch or even simply run jumper wires that follow the paths on the board.


    How'd it get fried, though? No real power generally goes to the switch. Usually only ground and signal are connected there.


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      It's much more likely that the switch itself failed, not the PC board the switch is mounted to. You can see and follow the conductive traces on the board itself, there's nothing to "fry" unless it was abused with a soldering iron.It's easily checked with an ohm meter in any case. Footswitches have moving parts and they're known to not last forever. The other possibility is a broken or loose wire where the shielded wires are plugged into the footswitch board. 

      I would get  a replacement switch and just swap it out, you'll be good for another 5 - 10 years.