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    Hey look, a pedal thread! Congrats. I'd like to try one someday.
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      Nice! HNPD!


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        Just tried it next to my FZ-2 btw. 

        The Wattson is definatelly a true Superfuzz, at least based on recordings I know where a vintage superfuzz was used on. If I kick it's ass with some overdrive or distortion before or after it, it actually sounds pretty awesome and out of control instead of just 'authentic'. Probably a bit too noisy for most occasions though, but a HELL of a lot of fun to mess with at home. And obviously, the big ass enclusure oozes with mojo. 

        The FZ-2 is like a superfuzz with bigger balls. More low end, more oomph, more nasty insane doomy vacuum cleaner apocalypse -like Less octave up tones though. 

        As much as I'm diggin the Wattson, if I had to choose one of the two, the FZ-2 would work best for the stuff I'm playing nowadays. Don't expect to see the FY-6 in any spam threads just yet, it's just too gnarly not  to keep.