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Looking At Getting A New Twin Tomorrow- ADVICE?


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  • Looking At Getting A New Twin Tomorrow- ADVICE?

    Ever play a show and and feel like you want a new amp every second youre playing? 

    I feel like I'm trying to push too much sounds out of my Fender Hot Rod Deville at times. Loopers with Fuzz on top with wah and delay..etc. So what would would you guys recommend? I'm looking forward to finding/playing a Egnator Renegade 212 tomorrow. Might even keep the Hot Rod and run just the looper thru it. Am I barking up the right tree?

    Switchable reverb - Assignable to 1 of 2 channels - "with spillover" - (does that mean trails?)

    Blendable 6L6 - EL34

    External Test Bias Points

    XLR Line Out

    Explain switchable Wattage to me? My limited understanding is lower volume breakup from 18 to more headroom at 65? Useable?




    Whats your take? Get a head and separate cabinet? What else is out there? AC30?

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    I might be a little slow here but what exactly is your problem with the Deville? Headroom? Muddiness? Could you break it down for me a little?
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      earplugs and surround self with friendlys', cause load is moar w/twind'... all the best dude, make...

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      Beef wrote:
      I might be a little slow here but what exactly is your problem with the Deville? Headroom? Muddiness? Could you break it down for me a little?

      Yeah It's getting muddy I guess, so headroom's an issue. Not much of an amp guy really. Ive read that the hot rods are a little dirty in their nature so I think I wanted to try playing my songs on something a little cleaner at the root. I feel like I gotta play super loud to get a decent sound from it and then I'll push it over the edge with some delay. The HRD is also a finicky ****************er, volume pots, indicator light sometimes works, some days are better than others, and the other night it was making some strange loud studder/humming after my set. It went away after I turned it off and then back on again. I'm wondering how many shows I can play before I need to fix something and being a first generation HRD known for design flaws I dont think this ones worth putting anymore money into.

      I'm still considering another fender its just when I compare features with prices the Renegade stands out. So I'm trying to figure out what features are worth their weight. Switchable reverb is a must for me. I cant understand the purpose of having a great amp reverb with no control over when it's used.

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    The Twin is crazy loud, heavy, and tons of head room. GREAT cleans IMO. I have a 74, but the speakers were replaced and they're wired at 8 ohms instead of the standard 4. But it sounds great ant the tech who I use said they're good speakers and not to mess wit anything.

    Pro Reverbs are 40 watts I believe so they'll break up sooner. If you want loud cleans, the Twin is where it's at. YMMV.
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      Maybe you need an external cab. My head (of another amp) blew & rented a HRD -ran it thru my 4x12 and was plenty loud & clean.

      I'm sure the stock tubes in them are not the greatest either. Maybe a tube change?


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        Yeah thanks for the advice fellas. I just bought all new tubes for the HRD, didnt help much. Was debating on new speakers but figured I'd rather put money into something else.

        So I ended up buying the Egnator Renegade yesterday and I love it. I got a little time to A/B it against the HRD and I'm definately hearing the improvements in overall sound. When I get things setup a little better I'll probably go stereo with the looper going into just the HRD. We'll see.