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  • Avatar suggestion

    put your desired avatar in your sig. 


    resize the photo to 150 x whatever, put it in a response to a thread, click the html tab and copy the code, paste it in the sig thingy under your preferences.


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    Its funny they squashed the avatar capability but you can still add big pics and stupid gif's to the bottom of every post so eventually reading a thread is all scrolling through wacky bull**************** and flashing ****************************s posted over and over. A single post takes up so much space, you can get 4 in there before page two.



    • Texas Noise Factory
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      I'm good with the mentally challenged monster in mine.

      Plus it was pretty easy with little effort.

      Thanks for the tweak info though! May come in handy at some point!

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    Founding father of the Fulldrive IIth Fairies


    • Lou Speed's Alt
      Lou Speed's Alt commented
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      Why aren't avatars bigger yet? Like two weeks ago they said they were working on it.

      Want them bigger? So do we. More custom avatars are being created and we are looking at options for increasing the presentation size."

      More custom avatars. lmao. Yeah, we definitely need more of those.