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Any of you guys see this article?


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  • Any of you guys see this article?

    Kind of funny because two people I know put it on fb and had exact opposite reactions to it.  And it seems like I have this conversation a lot with a couple of my friends (the validity, satisfaction etc. of holding down a day job and still playing at night/on weekends and being happy with that, what does it mean to really devote yourself to music, art, and so on) and I was curious what you guys think?



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    I saw that on FB. Spot on. HA!

    I think that every one should go full force after their dreams. I chose to settle down and get a day job, and a big part of me wishes I'd tried harder when I had the chance. I play almost every weekend, but find it difficult to make the time to write the kind of music I really love instead of playing sideman to other's dreams. Part of me feels too guilty to spend any time on music instead of my family, while another part feels like I need to teach my kids never to give up on their dreams.


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    Interesting article... but hey, it's The Onion, so you can't really take it seriously.

    Not everyone can have what they dream of - some dreams are simply unrealistic. For example, if you want to be queen or king of the universe - it's probaby not in the cards, no matter how hard you work at it. But OTOH, life is too short to do something you totally hate.


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      Cool, except that they can pry my dreams from my cold dead hands someday. A lot of artists have become successful carving their destiny out of their spare time in between making ends meet. It's not over until you throw in the towel and life is what we make it. Grandeur aside, this is a great example of complacency making light of art. I'm normally a laid back dude but the last thing I'd like to see is someone throwing their creativity aside for a cliche jest. If you don't believe me there's always this for proof http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vincent_van_Gogh


      PS I swear I'm not playing the heavy. :robot: