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EHX 8-Step Program Delayed?


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  • EHX 8-Step Program Delayed?

    I got a call from sweetwater today (who had had a mid march expected shipping date on their preorder) and it now sounds like they won't be getting this pedal out until May.


    Kinda bummed out


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    I was pretty excited about that pedal coming out too. lame

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    • ispunk
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      Not Available Maybe May. Seems like it will be on time. This is the only thing from the last NAMM show that I was willing to spend money on.

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    Waiting on mine also. Really looking forward to it.

    In the meantime, I just picked up this little piece of history. I wish it was the one with the clock-in input jack, but it's still really fun to use. I send the output to an EHX V256 and use the 'reflex tune' mode... a great little trick to calibrate the tuning and make the unit 10X more functional as a sequencer.

    vintage 8 step

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    • Texas Noise Factory
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      ^ you sicko you.

      Still totally jealous of those EHX drum machines!