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Tried a new Turbo Rat today for the first time

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  • Tried a new Turbo Rat today for the first time

    And it was surprisingly dope! Now, I'm kind of a super noob when it comes to distortion pedals, so I was curious what the difference in sound was between the Turbo Rat and the Rat 2. I gather the Turbo uses LED clipping, but I'm not really sure what tangable difference that makes. Can anyone help shed some light on this?

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    its a very good pedal. it also dove a low gain sound surprisingly well.

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      Anyone every compare a Turbo Rat to a Keeley modded Rat?  My Keeley Rat has a 3 pos switch and one mode is supposed to be Turbo Rat-ish. Can anyone confirm that have A/B'd them?

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    The Turbo Rat is definitely louder, and seems a bit less gainy than the Rat 2. The Turbo Rat felt a bit more like an OD than a distortion to me, but in a good way. I hate tone words, but the Turbo Rat just felt a tad more "open."


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      I agree with all that. On the keeley rat and the black secret i prefer the LED/turbo mode. Fatter, less gain, great feel.
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        Louder, midrangeier and smoother. I'd describe it as "barky"


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