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    I'm running a multi-amp set-up (4-6) and I've been thinking about making a small board with a bunch of character pedals for playing smaller venues where space is an issue. A few questions...

    1 - How do the character series respond to playing dynamics? Other pedals in front of them? Etc, etc...

    2 - With the speaker sim on do you need to DI them before sending them to a PA?

    (More questions to follow, I'm sure)

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    1- in my opinion they're pretty good and take pedals well.
    2- I would think that depends on the pa's input.
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    • goodhonk
      goodhonk commented
      Editing a comment

      i've used sansamps in the past, never the character series.  my observations.

      1. they sound great out front

      2. soundman loves it

      3. band loves

      4. set-up is a breeze 

      5. no heavy amp to lug around/worry about

      6. takes all the fun out of playing live.