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  • full circle

    I put my SD-1 back on my board a while ago to replace the OCD I had on there for a long time. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my dirt tone ever since... 


    this pedal sounds incredible! FACT!

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    was it the gooped version of ocd or the silver screw versiom..

    changes come w/ the whether...


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      of the mij...

      changes come w/ the whether...


      • riff ie
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        @ pesent i'm earin' Greendale brother...

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      Personally prefer the OD-3, but I can't hate on a beautiful yellow Boss pedal.
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      • Shine-ei
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        I miss my SD-1


        There only a few pedals I regret selling, this is one of them. 

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      I've never had an OCD, I always thought they were more of rat type pedal than a od??


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        Sd-1 is great. It's my main OD. Great buy for $29! I use it with my rat for heavier toanz.


        • renula
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          So now if I want to talk to Bass I have to reply here on hcfx...