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Need advice: Laney TT50 1x12 vs Randall RM50 1x12


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  • Need advice: Laney TT50 1x12 vs Randall RM50 1x12

    For most gigs and practices I just bring a PODxt Pro/ART power amp/Thiele 1x12. It sounds great but it is too directional, and we don't mic the amps.

    My other rig is too fkn heavy and sits at home: Rivera vertical 2x12 with ports, plus a rack housing a tuner, power conditioner, Rocktron Replifex, and a Randall RM4/RT2:50 set that I bought from Christian Olde Wolbers. The modules are KH-1, Mr Scary, XTC, and Recto. All of them custom modded while he was endorsed.

    I could get an oversized open back 1x12 cab and keep using the POD rig but I really just want to get a 1x12 combo and call it good.

    So right now I'm looking at a Laney TT50 and a Randall RM50 combo (comes with stock Clean and SL+ modules). They're going for $500 and $450 respectively.

    Problem is I know jack **************** about the TT50. Great specs on paper but the clips are all made by morons and sound terrible. But people rave about them (?).

    The Randall on the other hand only houses 2 modules, which sucks because I really do need 3 channels. To top it off, I'm not a fan of the G12T75. But I can sell the 2 modules and replace the speaker.

    Does anyone have any experience with the Laney? Is it even worth checking out? Or am I better off sticking with my custom Randall modules, even if I don't get a third channel like the Laney?

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    tt50 is a ****************ing awesome amp, I love them. but in this situation I'd go for the randall
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      Like there's any question...


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        Go Randall since you already have the modules
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          The laney is pretty good, but that Randall is good as well. I really liked the SL+ module and I thought the clean was cool too.

          I'd lean more towards the Randall, but both would be good choices.
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            Thing about the Randall is... don't like the sound? Change it!

            MTS stuff is stupidly cheap right now.
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              +1 on the Randall