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What's your favorite Gibson stock pickup?

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  • What's your favorite Gibson stock pickup?

    I know alot hate the Gibson 500T but I personally like it for hard rock and metal.  The 498T is another one I've grown to really like.  Don't have alot of experience with the Burstbuckers, 57 Classics, etc..

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  • #2
    I love the 500t in my lp's. still sound like a classic humbucker but just hotrodded and not flubby. They have enough balls to push the old Marshall's and fenders I use into overdrive. 498t and 490t for my next favorite. I just got a dirty fingers in for my lp custom but haven't had time wit it yet.


    • omni
      omni commented
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      I have tried almost all, I really like the Burstbucker Pros. I also have a set 498, 490...they also are nice.

  • #3
    As of right now the 57 classic+
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    • HKSblade2
      HKSblade2 commented
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      EdgeOfDarkness wrote:
      As of right now the 57 classic+

      Totally agree!! Love my 57's in my customs, and studio LP's.


      500t is decent pickup. 498, can take or leave it.

    • Dr_Kuh
      Dr_Kuh commented
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      EdgeOfDarkness wrote:
      As of right now the 57 classic+

      This would be my choice aswell

  • #4

      Burstbucker 3.


    • #5
      I love the 498T I put in my LP Standard. My favorite pickup


      • 96emgstrat
        96emgstrat commented
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        I like the Dirty Fingers bridge

    • #6

      PAF's. 2nd choice, Burstbuckers.