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How to keep my head from vibrating off of my cab?

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  • How to keep my head from vibrating off of my cab?

    Ran into an interesting problem the other day; I know you guys are a loud bunch, so I figure somebody here has to understand. Anyway, breaking in a new head/2x12 pair on stage, I noticed the head moves around a fair bit. I like a loud, bass-heavy tone from that setup, so it's expected that the cab - Avatar 2x12, Eminence Commonwealths, stood on its side - will probably vibrate some. That said, I don't want to risk knocking the head onto the floor. 

    My thoughts thus far: Sitting the head on the floor is an option, but it'd be nice to leave it atop the cab if possible. Turning down the volume and/or bass are not so much options. I guess I'm just hoping somebody can link me to some vibration-absorbing miracle feet to install on the head and cab. Thoughts?

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    A lot of cabs I've used have rubber built in on top, does the avatar not? In any case a rubber sheet or similar might be worth a try.


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      try not standing the cab on its side. you may still be able to get the projection you need without the excessive vibrations not being absorbed.

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    10p nails through the head into the cab should hold it nicely in place.

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      ^ or silicone foam it. pretty cheap and durable.

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        Turn it down!


        Try a bit of foam.  The silicone foam sheets are a good idea also.

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      I suggest that sex? on your cab. Make it a little sticky. Spill some drinks, do some lines. Your amp will sit just fine on the cab.


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        Are you willing to use some latches?
        Maybe you could use some drawbolt type

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      Laney lionheart has a pro kit for head to cab attachment when tilting cabs. or take a chair along or dummy cab.