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Got one of those JOYO AC-30 pedals (crosspost and Bugera 333XLtie in too)


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  • Got one of those JOYO AC-30 pedals (crosspost and Bugera 333XLtie in too)

     Gave in to the GAS and ordered one off of Amazon.  I paid the extra $3.99 to get it overnight (I'm a prime member) so it was $44.00 to my door within 16 hours.  First it went right into my powered mixer.  Sounded great.  Then right into the front of my Bugera 333XL on the clean channel.

    WOW!!!  Really really Great!!  Either this is one excellent pedal or the Bugera is a much better pedal platform than I figured it should be.

    I then went into the effects return of the flaming booger but found the front end to be the bees knees.  It may help that the Bugera is perched on top of a couple of closed back 2x12s with a mixture of V-30s and GT12-75s.

    But damn if that pedal doesn't sound excellent. It has reams of sounds too. 

      Even though it is a "character type" amp sim pedal, it is an excellent overdrive-distortion in its own right.  Next up...  I'll be getting the British pronto.

    If only I was all thumbs

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    Yeah, they sound great. I actually used one into two clean AC30s in stereo and it was brilliant - thick, chimey and dynamic.


    only downside is that they're quite noisy at higher gain.

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