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Bedroom amp for cleans and metal

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  • Bedroom amp for cleans and metal

    I'm looking between a Fender Mustang III and a Peavey Vypyr 30. Peavey is basically for high gains and distortion and the fender is more for the cleans and some hard rock/metal.

    Problem is I'm on a island with limited selection of amps and peavey is not one of them that is available on island. I'm mainly looking to play metal and when i mean metal i mean 80s to death metal/grindcore style. I would also like to expand into blues maybe or some cleans like surf rock or red hot chili peppers.

    Basically I'm looking for an amp to practice with that is extremely versatile on its own but also works well with pedals that can improve on cleans and high gains.




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    Firstly, welcome to the forum. Many people have strayed away from Harmony Central, for really stupid reasons. Mainly because of the whole upsetting of re-registering their email accounts, losing their PM's and post counts. Fail in my opinion. But I hope you're here for the duration


    Anyways, back to your question. 

    As for your needs of heavy metal, surf and cleans in general. I would suggest looking into a simple effects processor. That is if, you don't already have an amp to plug one into. There is more flexability with an effect pedal, rather than a digital amplifier. A bonus of course with an effects processor, down the road, you can use it with any other amp you purchase in the future. 


    But if you're set on a digital amplifier, there are many choices of course. Line 6 is about the leading edge in digital amps. Spider series of course and the older Flextones are good too. Do you know what your local shops on your island stocks and supplies? That would be some good info, on what possible choices you have for an amp. 


    My opinion is if you have a basic amplifier already, go out and get a processor. Depending on the used market where you live, a basic 30-65 watt amp can be had for probably 100 dollars or less. Then pick up a new Line 6 floor POD, LIVE XT or even a Boss GT6. 


    Good luck in your hunt dude


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    • ambient
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      Try out a VHT special 6 ULTRA if you get the chance, it may just work for you. Especially with a little help for a dirt pedal.

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    Yamaha THR10 or THR10X. I have the THR10 and I love it.

    Yamaha THR10Yamaha THR Patch sharing


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      I've seen Line 6, Blackstar, Vox, Roland, and Fender. Not a fan of Line 6 from what I've tried on their spider spider 15W. That's basically what I've seen on island used and new. If I want to try out peavey I would have to order it online.


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        If you are set on a modeling amp, the Peavey is better than the Line 6 and the Vox. Dunno on the mustang.


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          Mustang would fit your needs.

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        First of all, If you are talking about 'bedroom' amps, I would go with either the Mustang I or the Vypyr 15.

        Plenty loud enough.

        I own a Vypyr 75 and a Mustang I. I know the vypyr has more features because of the higher price point...but  I still think the vypyr is much more fun, but for some reason, one gets the feeling it will break at any second. The mustangs seem to be built a bit more sturdy....or maybe it is just the amount of plastic on the vypyr that gets me nervous...though I have babied it and gigged on some occasions. Always make sure you have steady clean power, otherwise the damn thing will act really funny. Don't know if the mustang would have the same issues in the long run.

        Fender Fuse beats the Vypyr software by a mile.  A lot of issues with the midi interface to download to the vypyr. I got the correct cable, but trying to find the driver that would play well with the updater was a task. The mustang comes with a USB for its interface. Someone did their much easier and less expensive.

        Generally,I do like the cleans on the Mustang better. Distortion wise, depends on what you are going for.

        I'm sure you can try them both out at GC to make your own personal decision.


        • BryceS33
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          Fender Mustang or Super Champ X2 will work very well. I play a lot of death metal/heavy metal on my super champ and I think that it does this particularly well for a bedroom amp.