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    FINALLY pulled the trigger on an AC15 C2. Brand new, which I think is a first for me when it comes to buying amps. And I even ordered it sight unseen, I have only played the AC30C1X and AC15C1, so I'm hoping for NO unpleasant surprises, tone-whise

    It just seemed IMPOSSIBLE to find a used one, let alone locally. Plus I managed to get a pretty good deal, with a nice discount on the regular going price. I'm obviously after a somewhat 'bigger' sounding ac-15, or after something AC30-esque but without the wattage overkill 

    Pics/clips/review: Prolly shortly after christmas. 



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    I'm sure you'll love your new AC15 when it comes. I've got the AC30HW2X and its a great amp...but if I want real natural power stage overdrive there's only one way to achieve that realistically in a pub/club gig - thats use an attenuator. Which works fine when you only need a bit of attenuation. The AC15 in theory makes this slightly more achieveable without attenuation..but those 2 speakers still sound pretty damn loud by all I've heard so far! Run it clean or crunchy with the preamp gain (channel volume up master lower) and add OD pedals to make it scream for solos - that way works fine also..roll back your crunch for cleans and stomp on a pedal for filth. Works great however you use it. I've had a few different AC30's over the years and the AC15C2 is one that really sparks my interest...for the reasons you have mentioned!!
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      Cheers, that means a lot, coming from Brian May himself

      I've got an ultimate attenuator laying around. Spend way too much on it, but when the new combo gets here, I might be able to put the attenuator to good use. I'm not expecting a lot of trouble hitting the sweet spot at rehearsels, in my experience those 15 watt won't be too much to be able to dial in a good amount of volume. 

      Worst case, I'll have to use very mild attenuation, which my attanuator will handle nicely. 

      It's mainly at home that I'll miss an actual half power feature of some sorts. With the attenuator, master volume and my dirt pedals, I'm sure I'll find a way to sound okay without deafening the rest of the familiy though